Leadership Development Programs to Strengthen Your Team & Accelerate Results


Align Your Team


Increase Employee Engagement


Excel at Execution

Your organization's impact shouldn't be limited by your team's lack of capacity.

  • Are you buried in the busyness of the business?
  • Do you feel like you’re walking in quicksand on your path to high performance?
  • Are you struggling with creating a leadership culture that excels at execution?
  • Is your organization more sporadic than strategic?
  • Does your team confuse activity with accomplishment?
  • Do you feel limited, overwhelmed, and often uncertain as you try to get it all done by yourself?

At InteGreat Leadership, we’re here to help you and your organization gain the traction and momentum you need to go from where you are to where you want to be. Our custom leadership development programs turn your organization’s middle managers, high-achievers, or franchisees into high performance leaders.

A fully motivated and engaged team would change your organization, but let’s face it: Leadership is a challenge. Vision leaks, teams drift, and at times we find our organizations stuck. If your team lacks traction or you want to sustain momentum, it is time to seek out a fresh perspective.

Your Plan to Grow Your Team and Accelerate Results


1. Schedule a meeting with an InteGREAT coach.


2. Get your personalized Leadership Blueprint.


3. Implement a year-round strategy in your organization.


4. Strengthen your team and accelerate results.

What’s included in a leadership development program?

InteGREAT works directly with you and your team to create a program specifically designed to encourage your organization to reach optimum performance. Programs often include:

  • Offsite team-building retreats
  • Staff development sessions
  • Team workshops
  • Group and one-on-one leadership coaching

We understand and know how you feel because we’ve been there.

We’ve led teams for more than 30 years, and we’ve also learned from the world’s best leaders. Now, we coach and train executives and teams at top organizations—including Kroger, Grand Hyatt, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Our clients also include the Pittsburgh Pirates and Buffalo Bills, as well as college sports teams and coaches. The InteGREAT process was originally developed to help Chick-fil-A operators and team leaders build strong leadership cultures.

Is Your Leadership Development Process Working?

Do you need more leaders? Do you wish your people were more engaged? Are you interested in accelerating results?

Ironically, top-performing, fast-growth organizations are often experiencing the same challenge as stagnant, under-performing organizations — both often have a leadership shortage.

We’ve learned that top-performing organizations don’t have enough leaders to maximize the current opportunities, and the under-performers don’t have enough leaders to navigate the current obstacles.

You don’t have to settle for a shortage. You really can create leadership culture and have a surplus of leaders who produce high performance results. However, random acts of training won’t get you there, and hope is not a strategy. You need a process.

At InteGREAT, we have developed a multi-year process based on decades of research in many of the world’s best companies and teams. Our scope and sequence will position you and your people to lead and grow your business like never before.

  • In step one you will learn the heart-habits of self-leadership for every leader in your organization.
  • Step two teaches your leaders the fundamental skills of leading and developing others.
  • Step three focuses on building teams who can solve problems, have great meetings focused on results, and create a culture of growth.
  • And finally, step four ensures you and your people are well led, aligned, engaged, and executing, at every level, to become a truly high performance organization.

The best leaders don’t leave the development of their people to chance. It’s time for you to embrace a process that works!

What Keeps Organizations From Reaching Their Potential

Hope is not a strategy. You must believe and behave your way to high performance. The first - and most important - step requires making the intentional choice to take action. Start today by downloading Randy Gravitt's free e-book, "The 9 Barriers to High-Performance" and let us know how we can serve you in your leadership journey!


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