Randy Gravitt is the C.E.O. (Chief Encouragement Officer) of INTEGREAT Leadership, investing his time in helping leaders reach their full potential.

Randy and the InteGREAT team will help your organization create a leadership culture that is integrity based. This approach to holistic leadership has helped organizations like Chick-fil-A and the Pittsburgh Pirates thrive. InteGREAT works directly with you and your team to create a program specifically designed to encourage your organization to reach optimum performance.

  • Offsite team building retreats
  • Staff development sessions
  • Team Workshops
  • Personal leadership coaching

Great organizations who have benefited from InteGREAT:

"If you are at a place where you or your team lacks traction, it is time to seek out a fresh perspective."


Let us Help You Win

As a leader, you recognize the importance of having a fully motivated and engaged team around you. But let’s face it … vision leaks, teams drift, and at times we find our organizations stuck. If you are at a place where you or your team lacks traction, it is time to seek out a fresh perspective. 
Whether you need a staff development event, an off-site team building retreat, or a workshop for those you lead, I am here to serve you and your team. For more information on bringing InteGREAT to your organization, contact me at randy@integreatleadership.com.

Are you ready to take your life and leadership to the next level?

Cookie cutter leadership coaching methods are abundant in today’s workplace environment, yet they are inadequate to get you to a high performance life.


   • Because your life is dynamic and constantly changing. 

   • Because your leadership demands are unique based on your vocational challenges.

   • Because not every leader is at the same place at the same time.

INTEGREAT leadership coaching . . . 

   • Is personal it begins with you, your story, your challenges. We help you create a blueprint to build the life you’ve always wanted.

   • Is relational – A relationship of trust with an experienced veteran leader is the foundation of great coaching. For the InteGREAT team people are people, not clients.

The InteGREAT coaches have worked with numerous senior leaders across multiple sectors in the for-profit, non-profit, athletic, military, business, and educational worlds. They are experienced, trustworthy, and proven.

Investigate the possibility of living a high performance life by contacting info@integreatleadership.com.

Introducing the InteGREAT App

You, like every leader, need a coach. Keep Randy in your hip pocket with the InteGreat app. Randy’s coaching will travel with you throughout your daily experiences and help you lead your team to maximize your impact with strong character and courage.

Integreat’s all-new, digital content will bring you bite-sized leadership lessons, assessments with personalized results, interactive experiences, and the ability to track your progress. You can save your notes for later, invite your team to engage with you, discuss what you’re learning, and coach others on their leadership journey.

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Elevate Your Leadership Game

There was a time when leaders were able to survive by flying by the seat of their pants. But as organizations grow, the demands on leadership change. The same old moves won’t cut it any more. Increased competition, advancing technology, and more demanding customers require leaders to make a decision. To continue with a frenetic checker playing mindset, or to think more strategically like a chess champion.

In Chess Not Checkers you will learn the 4 moves high performance organizations make to gain an advantage over their competition. You too have the opportunity to think strategically and leverage the strengths of your people. Doing so will create unprecedented results. If you are ready to play a different game, pick up your copy today. It’s your move!

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‘What do I want to do with my life?’ is a question we’ve all pondered at one time or another. If you need help coming up with the answer, you ought to read Finding Your Way. In this engaging parable, you’ll discover four steps that will help you work through this major life decision. No matter what your age, Dan Webster and Randy Gravitt have the know-how—and the heart—to get you moving in the right direction.” – Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager

If you are at a point where you long to experience both fulfillment in your career and meaningful contribution in your circle of influence, then FINDING YOUR WAY is about to become your personal map toward discovering the truth about you.

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Whether you need staff development, a speaker for an off-site team building retreat, or personal leadership coaching, we are here to serve you and your team. For more information on InteGREAT speaking or coaching services for your organization, please contact randy@integreatleadership.com

If you have any questions about resources, email support@integreatleadership.com

If you encounter any issues with the InteGREAT app go to integreatleadership.com/app, or feel free to contact us by emailing support@integreatleadership.com. We will respond within 48 hours of receiving your inquiry.