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Whither Wilt Thou Lead Me?

A few days ago I ran across a line from Hamlet“Whither wilt thou lead me?”
Shakespeare’s words between Hamlet and his father’s ghost are a great reminder to leaders. Namely, that there are those who, while willing to follow, are wondering where you will lead them.
The question is, do you know the answer? Have you taken the time to identify the target, name the mission, clarify the vision? However you want to say it, unless you can paint a picture of a preferred future, you will have a hard time taking anyone there.
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Make sure you are locked in on the destination and then show others the way.
Your people are asking, “Whither wilt thou lead me?”
Leadership Begins at Home,
Why do you think so many leaders make assumptions when it comes to vision?
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Today's Challenge: Sometimes You Lose

Not every bet is a winner – that’s why true bets are never a “Sure Thing.” This is a principle leaders understand and embrace. We are called to place countless bets over the course of our career. We make bets on strategy, products, systems, the use of our time, people and more. We place no bigger bet than the ones we place on other leaders. Today’s Challenge question comes in two parts: Have you ever bet on a leader and lost? And, what do you do then?

Are You Afraid Your People Will Leave Your Team?

When it comes to talent, do you think about leaving or launching? 

Leaders who have a scarcity mentality worry about people leaving their team. On the flip side, when a leader has an abundance mentality he consistently considers how to help others reach their dreams. Doing so, often leads to launching someone toward the next season of life.

In his book Win Forever, Pete Carroll shares his mindset about losing so many talented coaches from his staff as a result of their success. He writes …

“We’re only going to Win Forever if we can build a staff of people who are constantly competing to reach their full potential – and [art of that is the pursuit of their own career ambitions … When a player leaves, that creates an opportunity for the next guy, and the same goes for our coaching staff. We always want to have people in reserve ready to step in as openings arise.”

Do those words resonate with your mindset? The best leaders live with open hands when it comes to their talent. Your people do not belong to you. 

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If you want to increase your influence make a decision to develop your bench so that when people leave (or hopefully are launched) you will be ready for someone else to have an opportunity.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Why do you think so many leaders have a scarcity mentality when it comes to their people?

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I Think I Know Your Problem…

What do you struggle with as a leader? Based on countless conversations with leaders, I think I know. I didn’t have language to capture all these conversations until recently. Here’s what I think… the number one issue facing many leaders is forgetfulness.

Today's Challenge: Finish the Drill

Finish the drill” is a phrase many athletic coaches have adopted to remind their team: victory lies at the end of the activity. This mantra not only helps sports teams, it can help me and you have a more fulfilling and productive life. Today’s Challenge question comes from a leader who asks: How do I follow-through (finish) on my goals?

Would You Rather Learn From Mentors or Mistakes?

Recently I ran across a tweet from a pastor named Rick Warren. His reminder to leaders?
“You either learn from mentors or you learn from mistakes. Your choice.”
I don’t know about you, but I would much rather learn from a mentor.
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When choosing mentors I look for four things.

  • Integrity … If you want to be an authentic leader who leads with character, then follow someone who values and exhibits character.
  • Experience … The best mentors have accomplished something in their field. Successful experience comes from discipline and focus. Those who have a proven track record usually have something to say that I need to hear.
  • Diversity … Often times I learn the most from people who are in an entirely different field from the one I am in. Different causes me to think differently. Every great leader is able to think in ways that are fresh and relevant. If you need some help here, go find someone different.
  • Excellence … You might be surprised at who would be available to you if you would simply ask. Through the years, I have learned from some amazing people. If you want to be the best then seek out the best.

If you are a leader, you have a choice. You can either learn from mentors or learn from mistakes. It will be a lot less painful if you will choose the mentors.
When you do, just make sure you look for integrity, experience, diversity, and excellence.
Leadership Begins at Home,
What do you look for in a mentor?
Who do you look to as a mentor in your own life and leadership?
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Got Leaders?

What do you talk about at work? Recently, I’ve come to appreciate how many conversations I have every week about leadership issues… dozens, scores – probably thousands of these discussions over the past decade. This week, I’ve been in four conversations about the value and imperative of a leadership pipeline – and it is only Tuesday!

My First Periscope Experience

Periscope provides the platform for instant access to a global audience. How will this latest new technology impact your leadership? If you haven’t thought about it seriously, today is a great day to start.

The Courage to Change Course

Last week, Royal Dutch Shell abandoned a 9-year, $7 billion effort to find oil in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea. The decision was made in the face of tumbling oil prices and unrelenting pressure from environmental groups. The decisions you and I make are probably not of this magnitude, but in our world, no less important.


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