The Heart of Leadership – Official Launch: Today

The Heart of Leadership officially launches today. Thanks for your encouraging words and pre-orders! It’s already ranked at #70 on Amazon Business Books and has over 50 reviews on Amazon. I’m told that a good start. Here’s a quick video (2:12)  to tell you a little more. As with all my books, all profits will be donated to charity. Thank you for helping us spread the word!


Here's How You Can Help

  1. Why not get an early start on your Christmas shopping? The Heart of Leadership could be the perfect gift for your team or your entire office. You can click here to connect directly with Amazon. While you're there, if you've read and enjoyed the book, perhaps you could add your review?
  2. Share the book with your friends, family, and colleagues. My team created some easy ways for you to share. Thanks in advance for helping us get the word out! [GLS_Shield]

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