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Do you feel like you're…

  • Spinning your wheels?
  • Caught up in the busyness of your business?
  • Fuzzy on your vision?
  • Failing to execute efficiently?
  • Struggling to align your team?
  • Leading an unengaged work force?
  • Executing at work but struggling at home?
  • …Or vice versa?

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We'll get to know your unique situation, and pair you with a coach best aligned to achieve the results you desire.


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We'll schedule your introductory one-on-one call with an InteGREAT coach, after which you will work on a personalized blueprint to get you from where you are to where you want to be.


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With the guidance, accountability, and encouragement from a coach, you'll be well on your way to transforming your leadership - and your life.

What Keeps Organizations From Reaching Their Potential

Hope is not a strategy. You must believe and behave your way to high performance. The first - and most important - step requires making the intentional choice to take action. Start today by downloading Randy Gravitt's free e-book, "The 9 Barriers to High-Performance" and let us know how we can serve you in your leadership journey!


    "Be ready to be encouraged, stretched, and challenged."

    Michael McCathren

    Chick-fil-A Inc.

    "When working with our players and coaches, Randy had an engaging balance of empathy, understanding, tough love, and humor. His insights and feedback created an environment where we were challenged to be true to what we believe and to hold ourselves accountable to our high standards."

    Emily Kuhfeld, Head Coach of Women's Golf

    Georgia Southern University

    "Your engaging style, along with your 'down home' humor, have impacted and empowered all of us. Your leadership experience and perspective have added great value to the Pirate Organization."

    Clint Hurdle

    2013 N.L. Manager of the Year

    Coaching Deliverables

    • A one-on-one trusted guide
    • Accountability to achieve results
    • A personalized blueprint to go from where you are to where you want to be
    • A clear vision of your (and your organization's) future
    • Actionable next steps to go from "dreams" to "reality"
    • A plethora of tools and resources to assist on your journey

    How will you benefit from coaching?

    Sometimes, the answers lie in you. Cookie-cutter leadership coaching methods are abundant in today’s workplace environment, yet they are inadequate to get you to a high-performance life. At InteGREAT, we ensure your leadership coaching is both personal - It all begins with you, your story, and your challenges, as we help you create a blueprint to build the life you’ve always wanted - and relational - built on trust and a foundation that people are people, not clients. We can say with confidence that our coaches are experienced, trustworthy, and proven.

    Let us find the right coach for you so you can begin your path to greatness with a trusted guide, an accountability partner, and a personal cheerleader - all in one! Our coaches will help you achieve the real results you're seeking - personally and professionally - so that you can confidently say you are the best leader you can be.

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