4 Ways to Grow as a Leader

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m excited about the new book that Ken Blanchard and I have just released, Great Leaders GROW. This post is a quick summary of the four growth strategies leaders can employ to become a leader for life. I’ll go deeper on each one in the days ahead.

Gain Knowledge 
This is perhaps the most obvious of the four strategies. As leaders, we’ve always got to be getting smarter. We must be learning. This will take many forms – in part, based on our own learning styles and preferences. There is no universal formula for learning. We get to create our own!
Reach Out to Others
Reaching Out to Others is both a practice and a mindset. It is born of the belief that sharing what I am learning will not only help others grow, it will help me grow. This “sharing mindset” can manifest itself in many ways. For some, it will be a formal mentoring relationship. For another, it will be a teaching assignment. Some will find social media a valuable tool for sharing what they are learning. Many others will informally influence the lives of those around them by looking for and seizing “teachable moments.” 
Open Your World
For many leaders, this will be the most fun of the GROW strategies. To Open Your World requires a never-ending pursuit of new ideas, relationships, experiences and adventures that will inform your leadership for the rest of your life. Think of it like an artist putting paint on a palette - only then can the paint be applied to the canvas. As you expand your world, you are adding to the reservoir you can use to lead in the future.
Walk Toward Wisdom
Like the previous strategies for growing as a leader, Walk Toward Wisdom is a never-ending pursuit. Wisdom is often thought of as something out of the reach of mere mortals and relegated to the few and aged in our world. While we do see it often among those who have more experience than others, we’ve also seen the “old fools” around us. Age is not a guarantee of wisdom. Wisdom must be pursued.
Great leaders GROW! They are on a never-ending journey to Gain Knowledge, Reach Out to Others, Open their World and Walk Toward Wisdom. How about you?
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