What's Your Legacy?

I just returned from the West Coast this morning. It was a great trip with many highlights – I met some cool people, heard some great speakers and got to hang out some with my son, Justin. One of the amazing places I visited was LA Live

If you’ve not been there, it’s worth seeing. It's a large entertainment complex adjacent to the Nokia Theatre and the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers.
As I walked past the arena, I noticed several statues in the courtyard. They were monuments to some of the greatest athletes who ever played the game of basketball – Jerry West, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
I was originally attracted to the figures themselves; they were huge, perhaps 150% life-sized. As I got closer, I became interested in what was actually written on the base of each figure. There was a recap of career highlights and accomplishments for each player: championships, awards, key stats and more.
What’s my point? They probably won’t build a statue of you and me. Most leaders aren’t afforded that type of recognition – but if they did…
What would people engrave on the base of a statue of you? What are you really good at? What are you doing to develop that talent into a skill? Are you laboring to make what you have been given remarkable? Are you working to become the best you can possibly be at something – anything?
Although we may not get a statue like the one pictured above, we will have something engraved on a monument someday. It will certainly include the day we were born and the day we left this planet. What else will it say about us?
We really do get to decide. Our family and friends will not write our epitaph; it will be written by our lives - one day at a time.
As another West Coast basketball legend, John Wooden, said: “Make each day your masterpiece” and your legacy will be assured.[GLS_Shield] 


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