Who are the Millennials?

I’ve written almost 100 posts since I started this site. By far, the most popular was How to Lead Millennials. That response certainly increased my awareness to the interest in this topic. So, when I saw this infographic I wanted to pass it along. I hope it will provide greater clarity on some of the attributes of these 50 million Americans who’ll be running our businesses, our churches, our schools and our nation in just a few short years.

Click on the image to see the entire graphic.

Did you review the data? What do you think? As with any information, we have several choices regarding how we'll respond.
1. We can just ignore the data and hope it will go away.
2. We can downplay the information and underestimate its relevance.
3. We can embrace the information and try to learn about and leverage new realities.
Number 3 is my response when it comes to the Millennials. I can't say I'm always so open-minded. But on this topic, I'm wide open. These 50 million folks aren't going away. I want to learn all I can from them and share all I can with them. Who knows, maybe something my generation has experienced will help them build a better world.[GLS_Shield]
Thanks to Brian Alexander for passing this along. If you want to join an on-going conversation about the Millennials, check out MillennialLeader.com.


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