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For the past couple of days I have been speaking to a group of college admissions counselors at the annual NACCAP Conference at John Brown University. We are having a blast!


JBU is on the edge of the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas, but my flight went through Oklahoma City where I made Game 6 selfies with Stephen A Smith. He's the one on the right. Happy guy!


The trip from Oklahoma to Arkansas necessitated a car rental. I'll admit, driving around in a new ride is great. It has even caused me to make a decision. But the decision is probably not what you are thinking. Buying a new ride is not an option for someone who just chose to leave his job (see yesterday's post).

No, this decision is about washing and waxing the rental car before I return it. I have made up my mind I will not be doing that.

I imagine you are rolling your eyes right now thinking, "Who even thinks about washing and waxing a rental car." The answer is, no one - except I just did. But only to make a point.

Clearly, no one would ever wash and wax a rental. The question is, "Why?"

The answer lies in the principle of ownership.

When a leader takes ownership of his life, everything changes. Influence matters more. Work receives focused attention. Relationships lead to sacrifice. 

Sadly, I know many leaders who 'leadership lease' their way through life. A lack of passion, surface relationships, and failure to invest in others are all indicators of a renter mentality.

As you look at your life today, do you fall into the 'leadership lease' camp? If so, I encourage you to pick out an area or two you have been treating like a rental and begin to show ownership. Maybe it is time to wash and wax a few things. Perhaps today is even the day for you to become an owner.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What are the results when a leaders fails to show ownership?

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Scott Barkley

9 years ago

Are you wearing a Jacksonville State hat in the picture with Stephen A? Cool!
Thanks for the post. I've realized taking ownership also has a way of dimishing excuses, because the only one I'm complaining to is myself.
JSU c/o 98


9 years ago

J.S.U. all the way, Scott! c/o 87! Thanks for commenting!

Kim S

9 years ago

I like this ownership philosopy; you really can't master an aspect of your life when you don't give it the attention of ownership. Really enjoying your daily inspirations. I noticed the hat, too! Go Gamecocks!


9 years ago

Awesome, Kim. Thanks for the comment!


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