How Bout Them Cowboys?

Can America's team really be worth 3.4 Billion dollars? According to a recent Forbes article they can.

I can hear owner Jerry Jones now, "How bout them Cowboys?"

Somehow the team from big D has smoke-and-mirrored its way to being the nation's most valuable sports franchise. The second most valuable N.F.L. team would be the New England Patriots, coming in at a distant 2.6 billion in net worth. Not too shabby, but not close to Jerry's world.

I can understand the Patriots being near the top. After all, they have played in 6 Super Bowls since 1996. The Cowboys on the other hand, have played in exactly ... ZERO! They have been a case study in mediocrity.

So what’s the deal? How can a mediocre team be so highly valued and referred to as America’s Team? Can you say branding?

Love them or hate them, I am guessing you have an opinion on the Cowboys. Why is that? Again, branding.

When it comes to your organization, how is your brand these days? Do outsiders have an opinion of you and your team? Do you have a following? Are there lovers and haters? I hope so. If no one has an opinion, you are officially, irrelevant.

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For today’s comments, take a moment and share your opinion on what makes a great brand?

I look forward to learning from your insights. Tomorrow I will share with you a reason the Cowboys might possibly be headed back in the right direction on the field.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What makes a great brand?

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