Choose Substance over Shiny

I have a friend who is a professional baseball scout. Although his organization is stocked full of great players, his search for talent is never ending.

But my friend is not looking for just any talent. During our conversations he often reminds me he is searching for the right guy ... one who will be a great organizational fit.

He often passes on what appears to be great talent on paper. Why? Because, baseball games aren’t played on paper.

The best scouts would rather have the right, high-character, guy with good talent, than a highly sought-after star with below-average character.

High performance organizations consistently staff with the right kind of talent. Unless you have a clear profile of what you are looking for, you will likely settle for someone who is shiny.

If you want to gain a true competitive advantage, I encourage you to choose substance over shiny. Remember, the team with the BEST talent has the best chance of winning.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What character traits do you look for in a potential team member?

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Ray Green

8 years ago

Even in Faith ....Substance is Key...."the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for". The evidence of anythings value is in it's total content. Capability is different that ACTUALITY. I do agree many times we pay for and expect and ignore the "warning" signs thinking we can change something rather than being honest with ourselves that if it looks and smells like a is unlikely to become milk. Smiles. Always appreciate your "starter" thoughts for me. I do transfer these thoughts at an expanded level on my Facebook page...hey...we all need inspiration! Thanks Randy...Be blessed and
Have A Spirit Filled Day...I'm Just Sayin'


8 years ago

Thanks, Ray. I appreciate the encouragement. Have a blessed weekend!

Patricia Swanson

8 years ago

I look for the funny people...Usually with humor comes truth...Those that can laugh at theirselves usually are open and get results faster...


8 years ago

So true, Patricia. Thanks for commenting!


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