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All great leaders want to lead their people to becoming a high-performance organization. However, all leaders also know that this path doesn't come without a few hurdles along the way. Through working with dozens of companies and thousands of leaders over the past few decades, Randy Gravitt outlines the most common barriers to high performance, and how you can overcome them to achieve greatness.

Hope is not a strategy. You must believe and behave your way to high performance. This starts with action. Start today by engaging with one of the free resources below!

5 C's of Self Leadership

The Five C's of Self-Leadership E-Book: In his e-book, "The Five C's of Self-Leadership E-Book," Randy Gravitt outlines the blueprint you need for building the life you want. From starting with a strong foundation to making sure your house has the capacity to weather the storms, Randy's resource will remind you of the fact that "Leadership Begins at Home."

Chasing Greatness Podcast

There is greatness in you, waiting to be unleashed! Do you sense it? Will you fail to reach your potential like countless others, or become a leader others want to follow? The answer comes down to growing the hardest person you will ever lead, YOU!