Are You Afraid Your People Will Leave Your Team?

When it comes to talent, do you think about leaving or launching? 

Leaders who have a scarcity mentality worry about people leaving their team. On the flip side, when a leader has an abundance mentality he consistently considers how to help others reach their dreams. Doing so, often leads to launching someone toward the next season of life.

In his book Win Forever, Pete Carroll shares his mindset about losing so many talented coaches from his staff as a result of their success. He writes ...

"We're only going to Win Forever if we can build a staff of people who are constantly competing to reach their full potential - and [art of that is the pursuit of their own career ambitions ... When a player leaves, that creates an opportunity for the next guy, and the same goes for our coaching staff. We always want to have people in reserve ready to step in as openings arise."

Do those words resonate with your mindset? The best leaders live with open hands when it comes to their talent. Your people do not belong to you. 

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If you want to increase your influence make a decision to develop your bench so that when people leave (or hopefully are launched) you will be ready for someone else to have an opportunity.

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Why do you think so many leaders have a scarcity mentality when it comes to their people?

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