Are You Communicating or Connecting?

For a leader connection is important. In fact, connection is the goal of communication.

Are you connecting?

Notice I didn’t say, “Are you communicating?” I want to know if you are connecting? A disconnected leader is a leader with little or no influence.

If you find yourself communicating but not connecting, you are merely making noise. Connect with someone today. Someone needs to be heard, and there are some things you need to say.

If you really want to connect, I suggest you heed the words of Scripture:  “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

Listen first. Talk second. Wise words for a guy like me.

Forget communication. It’s time to connect!

Leadership Begins at Home,


Which do you find easier, communication or connection?

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Coach Brown

9 years ago

I have to share this thought: When is the following question relevant - Does a tree that falls in the forest make a noise or not? The noise it makes is only relevant when you are in the woods when the tree is falling. Then you need to make the connection to the communication of the tree!


9 years ago

Good thought, Coach.


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