Are You Making the Competition Irrelevant?

In their book, Blue Ocean Strategy, Chan Kim and Renee Mauborne open with the story of Cirque du Soleil, basically a circus act on steroids, started in 1984 by an accordion player named Guy Laliberte.

Laliberte created more revenue in twenty years than Ringling Brothers was able to in over a century. And let’s face it, the circus was not exactly an industry everyone was gravitating toward when “Mr. Accordion” threw his hat in the “ring.”

How did he pull it off? According to Kim and Mauborne he appealed to a whole new, “uncontested market space that made the competition irrelevant.” 

As a leader, sometimes it is easier to focus on the competition than it is to stay focused on your product. However, doing so is very dangerous. Life becomes a never ending bloodbath to gain market share.

The alternative is better ... to simply be yourself. Shakespeare said it best - “To thine own self be true.”

Take a moment and consider the rest of your month. What is on your schedule that reflects uniqueness - something you are planning to do that no one else is capable of doing? Whatever you identify has the potential to make your competition irrelevant.

Perhaps a word of encouragement to an employee? Possibly further development of an idea you have put on the shelf? A blog or article on a subject of interest? Maybe even a bed time story for your son with a fresh level of engagement?

There are things that only you can do. They can’t be delegated or outsourced. Discover them and put them on your calendar.

Your world needs Y-O-U.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What is one thing you need to do this month in order to be “true” to yourself?



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