Are You Moving Toward Indispensible?

Leadership is enhanced when the work of the heart is given as much (or even more) attention as the work of the work.

In his book, Linchpin, Seth Godin writes, “Emotional labor is available to all of us, but is rarely exploited as a competitive advantage. We spend our time and energy trying to perfect our craft, but we don’t focus on the skills and interactions that will allow us to stand out and become indispensable to our organization.”

As you look at your current work, is your focus more on improving your craft or on improving your relationships? If the answer is your craft, you might want to rethink your approach.

If you decided to leave your position, would there be an affect? Would they miss your skills more than your interactions? I hope not.

Let me encourage you to work on the emotional side of your leadership as much as you do your skill set. 

If you truly want to move toward indispensable and create a competitive advantage in your organization, start with the heart.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Which is harder for you, emotional labor or skill development?

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Kyaw Soe

8 years ago

I agree with you the point "Leadership begins at home". What I understand and feel these words as follows.
- a leader must know his people like those from his family
- a leader must feel and see his team's thoughts, behaviors, expects, needs
- a leader must be in close relationships with his team members
- a leader normally brings opportunities to his team
- a leader must lead his team to the right directions
- and a lot more, and a leader should acts himself like the family member
Kyaw Soe
Myanmar brewery Ltd.


8 years ago

Great comment Kyaw. Thanks!


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