Are You Willing to Ship?

If you want to make a difference this week, you have to be willing to "ship."

Year's ago, I was challenged with this concept by author Seth Godin. For leaders “shipping” is one of the most important steps in the process of influence. But beware ... shipping is risky business.

Godin writes, “Every time you raise your hand, send an email, launch a product or make a suggestion, you’re exposing yourself to criticism. Not just criticism, but the negative consequences that come with wasting money, annoying someone in power or making a fool of yourself. It’s no wonder we’re afraid to ship.”

You have great ability. Unfortunately, if you are like most, you are probably held back by fear. Why not shift your thinking this week and start shipping?

It will look different for everyone, but that is okay. Your art doesn’t have to be a page out of the renaissance, it just needs to be you.

What is the place where YOU need to ship? Is it to write, paint, compose, teach, encourage, speak, create, sculpt, or lead in business?

I suspect you have huge potential to make art in some area of your life. If you will commit to shipping a little every day this week, it will make a difference in someone else’s life.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Why do you think so many leaders are held back by fear?

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8 years ago

Normally, it's the fear of failing that holds leaders back. The reason why that is, is because we've been taught at such a young age, especially with sports, that winning is the only way you get recognized, and rewarded. Well, great athletes, generals, entrepreneurs, and many wealthy people have learned that failing, isn't losing. It's learning. It's just another stepping stone away from succeeding. Personally, I'd say we need to shift our focus from the fear of failing, to the fear of becoming complacent. Standing still will deteriorate someone's copacity to lead a lot faster than failing.
Thanks for sharing!


8 years ago

Awesome thoughts. Thanks for commenting!


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