The Biggest Decision of the Day

A friend of mine joined me for lunch yesterday. As we headed to the car, we were faced with a big decision. The same big decision we are faced with each time we go to lunch. "Where do we want to eat?"

While the lunchtime location is a hard one to decide, it is not the biggest decision of the day.

(tweet) The biggest decision of the day is the first one you make ... It is the decision to bring energy and engagement to your work as opposed to holding back and living half-hearted.

(tweet) Leaders who fail to engage at the beginning of the day end up missing out on opportunities to influence others.

Why not make it a practice to ignore your circumstances and focus on the facts?

The truth is, your attitude is a lot more important than you might think.

Focus your mind and heart on being positive in everything you do, and you will be well on your way to a life of greater impact.

Leadership Begins at Home,


What other big decisions determine the success of a leader's day?

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Mike "Coach" Brown

8 years ago

I would add the hardest decision each day is the "next" decision (choice) you have to make. Your past decisions are behind you and have already impacted your day with consequences related to that decision (choice), and we cannot fret over future decisions that might need to be made because our next decision may impact how we will need to respond to the future decision, if we still have that to deal with anyway. There is no simple decision because every choice we make bears fruit for good or bad that impacts the future decisions we need to make each day. Avoiding a decision also is making a decision which equally impacts the rest of our day and how what decisions we will need to make. May sound philosophical but came to my mind as I read your post today.


8 years ago

Great insights, as always, Coach!


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