Yesterday the golf world was turned upside down when Paul Bunyan with a pink driver, a.k.a. Bubba Watson, crashed the party and won the most famous golf tournament in the world, the Masters.

Needless to say, this is the first time anyone named Bubba has donned the legendary Green Jacket.

After the tournament ended, Bubba made a couple of comments that reminded me of the importance of faith and hope. Only fitting since it was Easter Sunday.

When asked if winning the trophy exceeded his dreams, Bubba commented, “I never got this far in my dreams.” He went on to explain that his faith in Jesus Christ and his love for his family were his primary motivation.

As a leader, Bubba’s words encouraged me to keep things in perspective. To remain humble and never allow myself to dream about the wrong things.

Bubba’s second comment was equally motivating. To win the title, Bubba pulled off a miraculous shot on the second playoff hole, hooking a ball out of the woods onto the green from 155 yards aways. In the post round interview, a reporter asked him how he was able to make the shot.

Bubba’s word? “I always have hope. As long as I have a swing, I have a shot.” I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded often to keep on taking my shots.

Are you ready to take your shot this week? You may seem like an unlikely candidate to be having influence on those around you, but you can make a difference. However, only if you take your shot.

Roll up your sleeves this week and encourage, write, speak, coach, work, meet, manage, give, serve, inspire, and love. And dream about those you love more than you dream about yourself.

If a guy named Bubba can win the Masters, you might be surprised at what you and your team can do. Now start swinging!









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