Not to sound harsh, but there are two types of people. Those who embrace change, and those who are irrelevant.

Notice I didn’t say, “Those who like change and those who don’t.” Honestly, there are very few people who are fans of change.

As leaders, it is vital for us to hop on the Change Train. The question is, “Where do we start?”

For me, I have been trying to spend more time listening to the people around me. They usually have a better handle on how my actions affect others than I do. For example, during the past month I have had seven people ask me how to subscribe to this blog. Ouch!

Now I can either think, “Figure it out yourself,” or I can make a change and do something to make it easier for those who loyally read every day and want to share i2i with others . . . Point taken!

Starting today there is a subscription slot over to the right of this page under my picture. Now anytime you recommend the blog to someone, they will be able to subscribe.

Also, the daily emails will look a bit different. I am now using MailChimp to build my database and send out the link to the blog. For current subscribers I have moved you over automatically. The emails will now come from These changes are ones I have been needing to make for some time.

I hope the transition is seamless for all of you. And let me say a huge thank you for helping me build our readership. We are currently averaging over 1100 readers per day and last week the blog was read in 42 countries and on six continents!

A couple of years ago I did not envision databases and subscription lists. I was merely attempting to encourage leaders to walk in integrity in order to maximize their influence.

Now, over 500 posts later, the rate of change in today’s world has my head spinning - and motivated.

I share those numbers not to impress, but to remind you that little changes can make a big difference. One simple decision to spend 30 minutes a night blogging has opened up a whole new world of friendships for me.

Okay, its your turn. Is there a place where you need to make a change? Something you need to stop? Something you need to start?

Today is your day to take a step. Its time to embrace change. If I can do it, trust me, anyone can.



Today I welcome your feedback on these changes and suggestions on how I can make the blog better. 

Also, where is one area where you need to make a change?





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