Coffee . . . Grind

Without the grinder, there is no coffee.  Beans are just beans.

Leadership works the same way.  You can spend all of your time trying to stay fresh and on the cutting edge of your area of expertise.  But at some point you have to be a strong grinder to be a great leader.

The daily grind gets a bad wrap.  Few, if any, wake up excited about the grind.  That’s because we all like taking the path of least resistance.

But what if that changed for you?  What if each day you approached the grind as an opportunity to bring value into the lives of others?  What if you equated the grind with your chance for influence?

The key to being a great grinder is to stay sharp.  You achieve that through intentional time for learning, growing, listening, and traveling.  “Sharpening the Saw,” is what Stephen Covey calls it.

If leadership has become a dull exercise that causes you to want to escape, you are missing your chance to make a difference through the grind.

The best leaders are the ones who consistently show up and discipline themselves to do the little things with excellence.

Embrace the grind, and focus on staying sharp.  Doing so will maximize your influence!



What is one thing you need to do this week to keep your leadership blades sharp?


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