Crash . . . Fuel

On Saturday I crashed. Thankfully, I was not in a car, although that might have

been better. At least there would have been an air bag.

Instead, I was on a running trail. The plan was to run seven miles. No problem. Only it was a problem.

After three miles I was in trouble. The trees were spinning and I started to wobble. I shut it down, finished six, and lived to run another day.

When I made it back to the car, I realized there were three factors that led to my crash. They will be the blog subject for the next couple of days.

Factor #1 – Fuel.

I started my run at 4:00 in the afternoon. Ordinarily that would not have been a problem. However, on Saturday, it was. This was because I had skipped lunch. My pancakes were long gone by the time I hit the trail, and my body had no energy.

Leaders often crash because of a lack of fuel. They are constantly giving, encouraging, making decisions, communicating, and organizing. Without replenishing the tank, energy cannot be sustained, and a crash is inevitable.

On the other hand, leaders who have intake to match their outflow set themselves up for sustainability.

Leadership fuel intake can take on many different forms. Consider the following:

1. Exercising. Just make sure you eat something before you go out.

2. Reading. If you are reading, you will always have something to say.

3. Writing. Putting your thoughts on paper leads to a well thought out opinion, which can lead to greater confidence.

4. Sleeping. If you are tired of others, it might be because you are tired. Time to take a nap and start going to bed on time.

5. Playing. Find something you love to do and commit some time to it every week.

6. Eating. Poor nutrition and eating habits lead to poor health. Poor health = crash!

7. Praying. There is a God, and you are not Him. Talk to Him every day and you will be a better leader.

I crashed because I failed to fuel. Don’t make the same mistake.

It is one thing to mess up a run. It is much worse to crash your influence.

Pay attention to your fuel and that will not happen. Unless you violate factor #2.

I’ll tell you how I did that . . . tomorrow.




What else would you add to the above “fuel” list?



repost from 6.15.11


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