Do Others Want to Follow You?

Leaders have a tendency to fall into one of two camps.
There are those who walk around looking for what others are doing wrong. Whenever they find it, they smack the guilty party on the hand. These leaders come across as harsh, critical, and negative toward their team. The result is sagging morale, and believe it or not, lower performance. This style of leadership is an indicator of insecurity on the part of the leader.
Thankfully, there is the second kind of leader. The one who looks to catch others doing right. This leader sees the potential in his team. He is positive, affirming, and constantly building others up. The result is high morale. With such a leader performance soars. He is confident, secure, and full of trust.
There are many things beyond your control as a leader. One thing that is not is what kind of leader you choose to be. The choice is YOURS.
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If you want to maximize your impact, I suggest you become the second kind of leader. Do so and watch what happens. You will soon look behind you and find an army of people wanting to be on your team.
Leadership Begins at Home,
Are you more apt to be a positive or a negative leader?
What would your team say? 
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