Do You Have a Fuse Problem?

Over the past few months the radio in my car has not been working. It just went out one day. I thought perhaps it had a short in the wiring, but I was not sure? I finally discovered the problem. I had the wrong fuse in the fuse box.

The car is somewhat of a relic . . . a 1974, BMW 2002.


When I drive the classic, my wife and kids call me Mr. Magoo. They refer to the car as Maggie (every 40-year-old car deserves a name).

Believe it or not, the radio in Maggie worked for a couple of years, even with the wrong fuse. Go figure!

With all the silence, it occurred to me that I might have a fuse issue.

After googling make and model, I discovered a diagram showing the fuse pattern Maggie requires. The former owner somehow confused red and white. You would think such a clear-cut choice would be obvious.

Maggie's former owner is a lot like some of the leaders I know. When a fuse is blown, there is no power available to a radio. Likewise, when a leader blows it the power is drained out of a team.

If today finds you with the wires crossed on your leadership circuit board, why don't you take some time to do some evaluating?

As the leader, you are the one who will provide the power for your organization. Make sure you are doing the right things, and in the right way.

Your integrity matters. It is the key to maximizing your influence, and that's what i2i is all about.



What happens when a leader is misaligned in some area of life?




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