Dunbar's Number

A few years back a British anthropologist named Robin Dunbar proposed a theory concerning the number of social relationships one person can maintain.  The theory gained traction and is now referred to as Dunbar’s Number.

The number?  About 150, give or take a few, depending on the size of the neocortex in your brain.  Dunbar’s point was that we all have social limits.

Unfortunately, many leaders get caught up in pursuing the masses instead of focusing on the few.

One could argue that there is greater influence when a leader builds a strong community of followers rather than trying to build a crowd.  In reality, a strong core leads to a large crowd.

If you want to be a success, focus on a few and invest in them.  Stop spreading yourself too thin and I think you will find that your influence will increase and your organization might actually grow.



Do you agree or disagree with Dunbar’s number?


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