Are You Focused on Success?

When it comes to evaluating staff, do you focus on success or failure?

Author Bobb Biehl has written some of the best material on evaluating staff I have read. Biehl reminds leaders, “80 to 90 percent of all your evaluation should be focused on the positive --- what they’re doing right, not what they’re doing wrong.” He goes on, “An evaluation is meant to help a person look good, not to make them look bad. Evaluation is more preventive than corrective.”

How are you doing as an evaluator of your team members? Do they look forward to evaluation day or do they view it as judgment day?

Great leaders believe in their direct reports and inspire them through encouragement. Mediocre leaders look for mistakes and play the blame game.

If you want to be a better leader, start with being more positive with your team. Make them look good and they will make you look good!

Leadership Begins at Home,


Which comes more natural for you during evaluations --- focusing on the positive or looking for mistakes?

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8 years ago

If I agree with this and take this route when would you say is the right time to address areas of opportunity and needed growth? Would you suggest those sorts of conversations are more ongoing conversations as you see things that may need to be addressed? Thanks Randy!


8 years ago

I agree with Biehl. It is better to address areas of concern up front (sooner than later). I am not making a case for a lack of performance. In my view, it is not what you have to say as much as it is how you say it. Hope that helps. Thanks for the question!


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