I Hope You are Ready to be in Charge

One of the things on my goal list for 2014 is to read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Albert Einstein. Only a few pages in, I am being pushed in my thinking.

It has fascinated me to read that Einstein had a “push the system” streak in him. It seems odd that someone of his math and science acumen, where the rules are

practically worshipped, would continue to stretch himself toward discovery.

A revealing quote from the genius is, “To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself.” ... and thus, the leader of the man is revealed.

Many of the great leaders I know have a bit of maverick in them. Yet, they express it without being reckless. It is indeed a heavy burden to bear when one struggles with the system, only to find him (or her) self in charge. Yes, the mantle of leadership is weighty, but even heavier is the difficulty of knowing there is something that needs leading and that you have what it takes to leverage your influence for good, yet choose to shirk your responsibility.

Keep pushing, challenging, raising, and dreaming. But if you do, I hope you are ready to be in charge. That’s what happens to leaders.

Leadership Begins at Home,


Are you a “buck the system” leader?

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