Is a Good Man Hard to Find?

There is a quote from Herman Koelliker which says,"One man working with you is worth a dozen men working for you." 

Yesterday I was reminded of just how true this is. I stopped by the office of one of the guys who reports to me in our organization. He asked me how I was doing and said a couple of encouraging things to me. Said I had been on his mind a lot the past couple of weeks.

It’s funny, but I never think of this guy as working ‘for’ me. I have always thought of him as working ‘with’ me. We are like minded in our desire to see the mission of our organization accomplished, and we have many common interests. Every time I am around him I am challenged to be a better man. I have no doubt that he is cheering for me as much as I am for him.

Do you view the people around you as working ‘with’ you or ‘for’ you? The answer to this question will ultimately determine your success as a leader. You are only as good as the people with whom you surround yourself.

Pick someone today who works with you and thank them for their contribution to your leadership and your team.

A good man might appear hard to find, but chances are he is right down the hall.





What do you look for in a great employee?


repost from 9.9.10


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