Know Anyone Who is Stuck?

This week, I have been overwhelmed with the excitement surrounding our new book, FINDING YOUR WAY.

It seems that everyone I talk to has a story of someone who is drifting through life, longing to make a difference, but feeling stuck. FINDING YOUR WAY is designed to help such a person.

As I move forward with the i2i blog, I promise not to become a commercial for FYW. I will simply put a link for it on the side of the i2i pages, and provide you

an occasional update.

If you want to know more, you can visit the site to get info on how FINDING YOUR WAY can benefit you and your community. From hosting a FYW Workshop, to providing resources for the next generation of leaders, there are countless ways you can leverage the FYW Process to benefit those you have the opportunity to influence.

Just as many of you have done for i2i, I hope you will help spread the word for FYW is also now on twitter @fywus where we will be posting thoughts on self-leadership, and vocational alignment. We would love for you to join the FYW conversation through your tweets.

We chose findingyourway.US for our domain name for a reason. Namely, we wanted our project to be about a community. Not an organization (.org) or a commerce (.com) site, but a group of “us” working together to foster environments of encouragement and trust for people to be themselves.

Again, I appreciate all of you who have purchased a copy of the book this week. I am convinced that your investment will lead to integrity & influence in the lives of those you care about, which is what being an i2i leader is all about.

“Beware! Once you start reading this book you won’t be able to put it down. I finished in one sitting – so clear your calendar. When it comes to discovering your purpose, Dan and Randy nail it! Finding Your Way is a powerful resource that is a MUST read.”

- Dan Britton – Executive Vice Pres, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

If you still need to pick up your copy of FINDING YOUR WAY, you can do so by clicking here.

Have a blessed weekend and keep being who you were created to be!







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