Learning from Millennials

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to speak to a group of millennials.
Not much excites me more than being around the next generation, especially next generation leaders. The event reminded me of several keys to bridging the generation gap and even a few things that will make me a better leader.
Millennials come in all shapes and sizes. They dress differently, talk differently, and even act differently. However that doesn't make them different. It just makes them young.
My favorite millennial traits are all ones I aspire to. If you are a leader who desires to sustain impact, I suggest you remember what it was like to be young and embrace some of your old ways of thinking. Consider these three ...
1. Millennials are full of energy. They love to have fun and be around others who are having fun. The best leaders are the same way. They don't take themselves too seriously and are able to enjoy the leadership journey.
2. Millennials long for connection. They love to "hang out." Often coming from dysfunctional environments, they find support and encouragement anywhere it is available. My questions is, "What family or leadership team is not dysfunctional." We are all messed up at some level. But great leaders are able to overcome their weaknesses by surrounding themselves with great people. They find encouragement from multiple sources.
3. Millennials want to change the world. They are often connected to a cause, movement, or purpose that is bigger than themselves. They believe the goal is to change the world. The truth is, they are having amazing impact. A lack of resources, opportunity, education, or skill doesn't seem like an obstacle to millennials. They believe in the power of "one life at a time." This philosophy is the key to their influence. Likewise, big-time leaders recognize they are in the people business and focus on the person in front of them.
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If you want to be great today, learn from the millennials. Bring energy, make connections, and focus on the needs of people. It will make you a better leader.
Leadership Begins at Home, 
What other things can we learn from the next-generation?
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