A few weeks ago I was in the ballpark in Atlanta and happened to catch a milestone. Braves catcher, Brian McCann laced a bloop single into left field for the 1000th hit of his Major League career.

The hit was not a lot different from the other 999 hits McCann has amassed. Truthfully, it was less impressive than many of his previous ones. Throughout McCann’s career there have been home runs, game winners, and clutch swings to give his team the lead.

But this hit was different. In fact, they stopped the game and presented McCann with the baseball. Why? Because it was a milestone.

Baseball is really good at celebrating milestones. Chances are if you attend a game something memorable, if not historical, will occur.

Personally I have witnessed a few baseball milestones. I was in Arlington, Texas the night Nolan Ryan chalked up strikeout number 5,000. I was in Chicago the night Cal Ripken, Jr. recorded hit number 2,500. I have seen a player hit three home runs in a game on two different occasions.

As leaders, we would all do well to learn from baseball and celebrate our milestones. So many leaders are horrible when it comes to celebrating. They never take time to appreciate all the hard work and sweat it took to achieve success.

For Mcann 1,000 hits is important because it says, "I've been around a while and I belong here. There will be more hits, but this one matters."

If you’ve been around awhile, you are bound to have a few things worth celebrating.

For me, today is a milestone day. It happens to be the 500th different i2ileadership blogpost I have written over the past three plus years.


Today’s post will not be looked at as my best, and it will not be the most impactful. But it is important to me.

Why? Because it reminds me I’ve been around awhile, and that there are people out there who believe integrity and influence matter to a leader.

So here’s to i2i. Only half way to McCann, but a milestone, nonetheless.



How are you doing when it comes to celebrating your milestones? 

What is your favorite i2i post of all time?




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9 years ago

No blog this small has EVER been to the State Finals before!!! Congrats RG!!!


9 years ago

Thanks you old Gizzard!


9 years ago

Randy how awesome that you have been going this long and have 500 blogs. It has been about 2 years since I started doing Daily Devotional Thoughts. It has grown some and shrunk some. I have gone through changes and it has developed or changed as well. However, I am still going. I will have to do a count to see how many I have written. I will let you know when I reach a milestone...
Thanks for the important message. It may not be the best you have written, but that can be argued too, but it is equally as important...
Thanks again,


9 years ago

Thanks Jason. You are doing great with your writing!


9 years ago

Congratulations on a great milestone! I'm not sure exactly how many I have read but has to be close to all of them! Keep up the good work. Your reading community really appreciates it!


9 years ago

Thanks Joel. I always appreciate your encouragement and comments.

Jeremy Etress

9 years ago

The Lesson of the Lime, Apr 8, 2013...that one, amongst many others comes to mind still!


9 years ago

Awesome, Jeremy. One of my favorites too. Thanks for reading and for the comments.

Ian Salsman

9 years ago

Congrats! Keep up the good work


9 years ago

Thanks, Ian.


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