Nice-N-Easy 118 A

Something looked different. But who’s noticing, right?

Well, I did. And let’s just say, “I like your new hairdo,” was not the thing to point out to my wife.

Her reply took me off guard. “It’s not a hairdo. It’s Nice-N-Easy 118 A.”

What does that even mean raced through my brain, certain I was missing something?

Reading my mind, she stated the obvious. “It is Medium Natural Brown from Clairol.”

Color of the month, who knew?

I am now calling her Nice-N-Easy 118 A. Kind of catchy, huh? Sort of like how she calls me 007 or Agent i2i or Tarzan.

Truthfully, Nice-N-Easy 118 A won’t stick. There are too many other great things about her to better describe who she is.

The fact is there will come a day when all of us will leave our current leadership roles. It could be a job change, retirement, or even death. No matter what causes your departure, you will be described by those left behind with a single sentence. Labeled, if you will.

  • Sweet Kathy, she was a hard worker.
  • Old Perry was always late and in a hurry.
  • Lisa gave the best Christmas gifts and loved chocolate.
  • George was driven by the bottom line and stepped on others to get to the top.
  • Carl was such an encourager.

You will definitely have a sentence. The good news is you don’t have to wait to see what it will be. You can decide right now and then start being and doing what you want them to say.

Influence and reputation are on the line. Your life is too important to leave it to chance. Pick your sentence now and make it your target.

For me, nothing would satisfy me more than for the people who know me best to be able to say, “Randy was a man of integrity

who influenced and encouraged others to reach their full potential.”

I’ll admit, I have a long way to go. But I do have a target. Now all I have to do is keep showing up, and leading out of an authentic heart of love for others.

People will one day sum up your life in one sentence - Choose it now!

I suspect you can do better than, “She was Nice-N-Easy 118 A.”


Randy . . . a.k.a. Agent i2i


If you could choose the one sentence that will be used to describe your life what would it be?



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