Notice and Do

Saturday was an amazing day thanks to my wife Laura.  It was 9:30 AM and we were preparing to go to our daughters Cross Country meet when the door bell rang (Here comes the amazing part).

When I went to the door, there stood Karen, one of my wife’s favorite people on the planet.  She was holding a dozen hot Krispy Kreme donuts.  They were a birthday treat for Laura.  My kids and I were so happy!

Laura is a Krispy Kreme fan.  She even has the KK baseball cap.  Karen has picked up on my wife’s marketing campaign for Mr. Krispy.  She is the kind of friend you want.

So many leaders have no idea what the people around them enjoy.  They are too self absorbed to ask.

How about you?  Do you know the favorite flavor of ice cream of your friends?  How about the names and ages of your co-workers children?  Any pets?  Hobbies?  Dreams and aspirations?

Karen does.  And she is choosing to do something about it.

Why don’t you set aside some time this week to “notice and do.” Pay attention to what is important to those around you and do something about it.

You might find that your influence will be much greater if you will start smaller.

Just focus on one person.  “Notice and do.”

Let’s don’t let Karen have all the fun!



Who do you know that is a good example of “Notice and Do” leadership?


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