Swing for More than a Gold Watch

A couple of days ago, the baseball career of third baseman Chipper Jones came to a screeching halt as the Atlanta Braves were bounced from the MLB playoffs by the St. Louis Cardinals.

After two decades of stellar play, Jones is now retired. Time for the proverbial retirement party. Drop the balloons, strike up the band, and wrap up the gold watch.

When you consider your own career as a leader, is the gold watch all there is to swing for? It seems to me nobody even wears a watch anymore. There has to be something more.

What if the process is more important than the product?

If the result is all that matters, then good luck on staying motivated. But if you will fall in love with the work, then every day can be an adventure and an opportunity for influence.

You CAN make a difference today . . . but only if you swing for more than a gold watch.



Which is easier for you - to focus on the process or the product?







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