Technology vs. Relationships

Author Patricia Fripp says, “Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do.” I agree with her.

In a facebook world with high horse powered computers and data devices, relationships still rule the day.

Perhaps too many leaders are too dependent on their gadgets and not focused enough on their customers?

Yesterday I had a first hand opportunity to witness an example of this.  I was in a computer store trying to have my lap top repaired.  The bottom of my machine was missing a screw.

The guy standing in the doorway was holding a gadget, supposedly organizing the line of people looking for help.  He rudely told me I didn’t have an appointment.  It went downhill from there.

After a thirty minute wait and no progress, another employee walked by and asked me if I was waiting on something.  I showed her the bottom of the laptop, revealing the missing screw.  She said, “Wait here for a second.”

The girl disappeared through a silver door and within seconds returned with her hand outstretched and a smile on her face.  She handed me the replacement and said, “Here you go.  Have a great day.”

As I left the store I couldn’t help thinking about the quote, “Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do.” I thought to myself,  "Technology might not run an enterprise, but it sure can ruin one."


A misguided jerk holding a smartphone was willing to loose a loyal customer (I might add, who has spent a boat load of money through the years with his company) over a screw worth less than a penny.

Thankfully a minimum wage young girl remembered her company is in the people business and it would be worth a penny to save a customer.  (My advice would be to put her at the front door and take Mr. Crapple’s device away from him!)

People trump technology.  You better not miss that fact.  Doing so will ruin your enterprise and might just land you on a blog.





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