The Key to Success

“Leaders are achievers.” Success is what they think about. It is what they do.

One of the first guys to write about leadership understood the idea of personal success. His name was Napoleon Hill and he was born in 1883. In 1937 Hill wrote his most famous work,Think and Grow Rich.

Hill believed success was a two way street. He is credited with the following idea. “It is literally true that you can succeed best and

quickest by helping others to succeed.”

If you want to achieve success today, the best thing you can do is to identify someone else and help them succeed.



What makes someone a success in your eyes?



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David Lloyd-Jones

10 years ago

I've always found that this "give and get" principle works not merely as a high principle but also as a crude method of getting myself together. I've had some big successes in my life quite apart from my three children, and I've had some failures.
Currently I'm broke, mostly as the result of some bad business and investment decisions, plus some good solid competition from the Chinese. No complaints: ya win some ya lose some, and the Chinese worker and businessman are entitled to make a living too. I'll be back.
But here's the crude winning move: I've always found when I'm down that volunteer work helps me get myself together. It's not a matter of suddenly turning good: when I'm in the money I think I've been generous and sensible with it. It's just that when you're down the time you give to others is simultaneously available to you, or me, to reflect, to realign, to put the future together. Right now the time I spend on helping others gets me automatically, automagically, in touch with young people, with new ideas, with other ways of thinking about things.
Hey, the whole thing is a free lunch!


10 years ago

Great, tangible, example David. Thanks for sharing that. Have a blessed day!

Coach Brown

10 years ago

Success cannot be defined financially - Success can only be defined relationally. If finances define success, Scrooge would have been clearly a success and not needed to undergo the relational changes we applaud every Christmas. I would simply state "success" is measured by how God smiles upon our impact on others.


10 years ago

So true, Coach. Thanks!


10 years ago

Thanks Randy, I pray that God will use me to help someone else succeed...


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