Who Needs Your Help Today?

There is an old Tibetan proverb which says, “When he took time to help the man up the mountain, lo, he scaled it himself.”

Who needs your help today? Someone just starting out in the organization? A curious coworker who is intrigued by something you have mastered? The guy down the hall who is struggling right now and needs an encouraging word?

Find someone and make the investment to help them climb higher. If you will, I’m guessing it will take you to the summit too.



Who has helped you climb higher in your leadership?




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Coach Brown

10 years ago

As Paul had relationships with Barnabas, Peter and Timothy illustrated, We can all benefit from serving as a mentor, being mentored, and having a learning partner. As a former teacher, I was always amazed by what I learned by teaching others...


10 years ago

Great reminder Coach. Thanks!


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