Why: Part 3

Yesterday I mentioned Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” If you have not heard the talk, you can watch it here. Itis a powerful reminder of the need to start every action by asking the important question, “WHY?” 

“Why” will drive you to discovery of purpose, full engagement, and maximum influence.

Sinek tells stories of those who were driven by “why.” He refers to Martin Luther King. Simon says (sorry, couldn’t resist), “MLK gave the I have a dream speech, not the I have a plan speech.”

Have you told people what you dream about? Your, “Why?”

I dream about making a difference in the lives of influencers. Of reminding them that character is just as important as competency or cash.

I dream about a future generation of leaders, discovering what they are passionate about and leveraging their gifts to be difference makers.

These dreams are “why” I write a blog everyday.

Find your why and share it with as many people as you can. Your dream matters. Remember Sinek’s words, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”





What is your dream?

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Chris Patton

11 years ago

Another benefit to knowing your "Why?" is overcoming resistance and disappointments. 
With a good "Why?" that is rooted in your core (like Being and Building Disciples), you will continue to get up when knocked down.  Without that "Why?" echoing in your head, you will often question whether to continue.  You will not have a core reason to press on and the world will stop you in your tracks.
I can promise you this...I would have given up a long time ago without my "Why?"


11 years ago

Great comment CP!

David P

11 years ago

You are taking this conversation to a whole new level! Just one of the reasons WHY I respect and appreciate you!


11 years ago

Thanks David!


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