I Wish I Could Hide

Sometimes I wish I could hide from myself.  But I can’t.  I am like St. Augustine in that regard.  In his Confessions he wrote, “Where was my heart to flee for refuge from my heart?  Whither was I to fly, where I would not follow?  In what place should I not be prey to myself?”

Yesterday, during a talk, a friend of mine challenged me to find someone with whom I could have “full disclosure.”  I wanted to stand up and remind him that leaders are tempted to have secrets.  It would not have been news to him.  That fact is why he gave the challenge in the first place.

Full disclosure friends are hard to come by, but they are necessary if you want to stay on the path.  Truth tellers make it hard to hide.

I hear people say all the time, that for a leader, it’s lonely at the top.  But I say, loneliness is a choice.

Integrity demands that you do self-leadership, and self-leadership is impossible unless you find yourself a friend and refuse to hide.

I don’t want to live in the shadows.  And neither do you.

The dark places will wreck your integrity.  So stop hiding!



What are some areas where leaders can be tempted to hide?


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