Intentional Integrity . . . Find a Wing Man

Let me start by saying that integrity is not something you do as much as it is who you are.  But there are things you can do to help yourself become who you want to be.

Author Henri Nouwen once wrote, “I have found over and over again how hard it is to be truly faithful to Jesus when I am alone.”

His statement gives a clue to another way we can be intentional about pursuing integrity.  Find yourself a wing man.

Accountability is a powerful thing.  It is actually a barometer of whether you are living an “integrated” life or not.  If you are avoiding accountability or if you balk at the idea, it should be a red flag.

Having a friend who knows your strengths as well as your flaws can help you stay on the right path.  You are much more likely to do the right thing when you know others are counting on you.  And you are certainly on your best behavior when others are present.

If there are places where you are tempted to compromise your integrity, you should never go there alone.

Travel, computer usage, discretionary time, and even a meeting with someone you shouldn’t be meeting with, can all represent danger zones.

Build yourself a lifestyle that is surrounded by accountability and you will increase your chances of staying faithful.



Are there some practices you live by to help you maintain your integrity?


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