Intentional Integrity . . . Step on the Scales

Do you have a set of bathroom scales?  If so, do you use them every day?  If you want to a sure fire way to “practice” your integrity, step on the scales.  They don’t lie.

When it comes to integrity, leaders like to talk about honesty and truthfulness.  Both are vital if you want to be authentic.  But integrity is much broader.  It literally means “wholeness.”  If you want to be a truthful leader, you must also pay attention to your physical body.

There are many ways to measure how you are doing physically, but nothing beats stepping on the scales.

Every day I step on the scales.  It is an important moment in my day because it is the moment where I have to be honest with myself the most.  The scales represent truth.  A simple number that reflects exercise, diet, rest, and stress.

If you want a way to intentionally pursue integrity start stepping on the scales.  They will tell you how you are really doing.



What physical disciplines do you incorporate to keep yourself “fit to lead.”


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