Intentional Integrity . . . Work the Second Shift

All week we have considered ways to practice integrity.  Today I leave you with one final thought on the subject.  It was passed along to me yesterday from a young co-worker.

The idea is based on a phrase from a guy named J.R. Vassar.  Vassar encourages guys to be “men of the second shift.”

Whether you are a man or woman, if you want to be an authentic leader, you need to “work the second shift.”  In other words, when you leave work and go home, it is time to go to work on building a great family.

There is no better classroom for learning how to be selfless than your marriage.  And your role as a mom or dad is perhaps the greatest leadership role you will ever have.

Too many leaders neglect their families and it shipwrecks their lives, not to mention their leadership.

As you head into this weekend, and begin a new month, why not take some extra time to invest some one on one time with your kids or plan a date with your spouse.

I believe it is impossible to be an effective, authentic leader unless you are willing to “work the second shift.”



What is your favorite family moment from this past month?


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