Major League Meltdown

The past couple of weeks have been painful to watch my Atlanta Braves lose their grip on the National League Wild Card lead.  It remains to be seen whether they can regroup and make the playoffs or not.  A betting man would say no.

The Braves meltdown will seemingly come down to these final two days of the season.  However, I would argue that is not exactly the case.

While these final two games are vital, the reality is they are no more important than the first two games of the season, or two games in the middle of the summer.  Every game was equally important.

As a leader, there are some days that may look as if they are more important than others.  A big presentation, an important review, a key meeting.   All can exaggerate our perception of importance.  But the fact is, when it comes to being an i2i leader, every day matters.

Truthfully, integrity is often compromised more on days that feel less important than it is on days that receive strong focus.

Just like the Braves, your legacy will be decided on those days that feel insignificant.

If in your mind, today is just another day, you might be headed for a meltdown.

Today matters.  At the office, at home, and when you are alone.

Get out there today and win!




Why do you think leaders often overlook the significance of “lesser” days?



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