Monday Morning Quarterback

With football season in full force, there is no end to those who are experiencing disappointment as they wake up this morning.  Half the teams lost this weekend.

In today’s world of win at all costs, a few coaches are already on the hot seat.  It appears that fans and media know more about winning than the coaches do.

While it is true that there are coaches that are not meeting expectations, I can assure you that none of them are trying to fail.

Some are guilty of surrounding themselves with weak talent.  Some have limited resources compared to others.  Some have an unmanageable schedule.  But those things are never mentioned when heads on the proverbial platter are called for.  It always comes down to play calling and strategy.

Fans are so smart.  It’s hard to believe they don’t have all the coaching jobs.

As a leader you should go ahead and get it through your head that you will be second guessed.  There will be those who think they know more about what is needed than you do.

When that happens there are a couple of things that will keep you in the game.

1 - Do the right thing.  Assuming you have the right plan, there is no reason to deviate because of three or four critics.  Note: There will always be critics.  If you cower because of a few naysayers, you will never make it as a leader.

2 - Do things right.  You can do the right thing in the wrong way.  Great leaders do the right thing in the right way.  This is the character test.  It is recognizing that your leadership is not about you as much as it is about the mission.  Pass the character test and you might not eliminate your critics, but you will be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

Do the right thing in the right way and stop listening to the Monday morning quarterbacks.  If you will do so you will be positioned for leadership longevity.





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