Second Chances, but no Do-overs

Second chances.  Few things are better, and all of us need them.

But don’t be fooled.  Even though you might receive a second chance, you don’t get the first one over.

Integrity is about faithfully maximizing your first chances.  If there is an area of your leadership where you are ready to cave, consider the coming consequences.  If you compromise your integrity it won’t be pretty.

Refuse to squander your initial opportunities.  Even if you know second chances are readily available.

While it may be true that comebacks are inspiring, setbacks can be devastating.

Make a decision now not to forfeit your integrity and you won’t have to worry about regret.

Second chances are available, but there are no do-overs.



What is your favorite comeback story of all time?  How much regret do you think preceded the comeback?


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