This past weekend the attendance at the church service I normally attend was up by 40%.  Amazing growth for one week if you take the number at face value.  However, if you take into account that it was Easter Sunday, it is not nearly as impressive.

Good leaders are able to twist numbers and make them say whatever they want to hear.  But doing so often leads to staying stuck in the past.

Great leaders, on the other hand, are able to recognize that numbers can be skewed.  They understand how to make accurate comparisons.

Chances are, you are not as good or as bad as your numbers indicate.  Your systems, resources, staff, mission, and culture are also worth paying attention to.  Those things will ultimately determine your growth or lack thereof.

Learn how to spot the things that are skewed and you will be on your way to sustainable growth.



Why do you think leaders are tempted to see things in a skewed manner?


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