Soul Time

repost from 6.25.10

If you only have time for one thing each week, make it “Soul Time.”  Soul time is what anchors you to your values.  For a leader who focuses on integrity, there has to be an anchor.

For me that anchor is my relationship with God.  I believe that every one of us has a Maker and that He designed us to live in relationship with Him.  Years ago, I came to the realization that I needed His presence in my life and I haven’t been the same since.

Augustine once said of the relationship between man and God, “The heart is restless until it rests in Thee.”  I believe he nailed it.

Are you restless in your leadership?  If so, chances are you haven’t been giving attention to your relationship with God and the matters of your soul.

How does a leader focus on soul stuff?  Easy.  First, read the Book.  Good leaders don’t hesitate to learn from helpful resources.  From the latest leadership book, the Wall-Street Journal, or a relevant podcast, leaders are always looking for an edge.  However, many leaders miss the most important Book of all.  The Bible.

If you are looking for answers for your life and leadership, why not start with Scripture?  The Bible is the best selling book of all time for a reason.  It is the Creator’s Book.  An instruction manual for how every area of your life is supposed to work.

It is full of wisdom on every topic imaginable.  Relationships, finances, marriage, parenting, partnerships, work, management, ethics, and even leadership fill its pages.

When is the last time you drank from its well of wisdom?  A daily dose of Scripture will keep your soul on the path of integrity.

A second way to cultivate your soul is to put yourself in a weekly worship environment.  If you want to cultivate your relationship with God, make a choice to show up in God’s house each week.  Too many leaders view the weekend as an escape from all the responsibilities of work, often even neglecting worship and the opportunity to re-calibrate their lives for the coming week.

Don’t give in to that temptation.  Put yourself and your family in an environment every week where you can worship God and hear His Word taught.  Then make a commitment to treat others the way God treats you.  It will make you a better leader.

Reviewing the week:  Work time is when you unleash your passion and talent.  Family time is when you invest in your most important followers.  Play time is when you remember to take yourself less seriously.  Trail time is when you focus on your fitness.

But soul time is the most important time.  For it is the time that will truly determine whether you will have integrity and whether your influence will be worth following.





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