Spare or Share?

Yesterday I ran across a quote from Esther Burkholder.  It read, “Giving is a joy if done in the right spirit. Do we think of it as ‘What can I spare?’ or ‘What can I share?’’

The “spare or share” question goes to the motive of the one doing the giving.  For me, sometimes I struggle to live with open hands.  Honestly, I find myself giving with a “what I can spare” mindset.

Is there an antidote for such selfishness?  I believe there is.  The secret lies in focusing your heart and being grateful.

Gratefulness is enemy of greed.

There are no shortage of needs.  People are hurting.  The economy has dipped.  And yet, what matters most is not the amount I can spare, but the gratefulness that motivates me to share.

Great leaders live with open hands and open hearts.  Do you?



Who do you know that demonstrates gratefulness in the way they share with others?


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