Squirt . . . Part 1

Founding Father Thomas Paine once wrote, "Character is much easier kept than recovered."

The quote is a good reminder that when it comes to integrity not much has changed since the 1700s.

Once integrity is forfeited it is difficult to get it back.  Actually, almost impossible.

A good picture of this is a tube of toothpaste.

Have you ever tried to put toothpaste back into a tube once it has been squirted?  Good luck on that one.

In the same way it is better to keep your integrity than to try to regain it.

Are there areas in your life where you are not being authentic?  If so, you are headed for trouble.

Make the commitment to walk your talk.

Why? Because "character is much easier kept than recovered!"



What are the hardest areas for leaders to keep their integrity?

The best answers will be featured in tomorrow's blogpost.


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