Are You Struggling With Lust?

Lust will shipwreck a leader. Does today find you struggling to keep your appetites in check?

Lust takes on different forms, but the end result is always the same. Emptiness.

Lust is defined as “a passionate or overmastering desire or craving.”

Are there areas in your life where you have failed to master your appetites? Maybe you have a hunger for power? A craving for cash? A desire for pleasure?

The problem with lust is that, unlike Snickers, it never satisfies. It is always an illusion of what “might” be.

The Bible refers to this illusion in Proverbs 27:20. It reads, “Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are the eyes of man.”

Did you catch that? The eyes are never satisfied!

There will always be a newer make and model; a latest and greatest product; a sleeker and sexier person.

Don’t buy the lie. Remember, the eyes are never satisfied.

If you want to be a leader who leads with integrity, you must find your satisfaction in something other than what you see. Lust will never bring you what you want and it might eventually be your undoing.

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What are some areas that you see leaders being lured by lust?

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8 years ago

I haven't really thought much about lust multiple forms before. What I have mainly thought of lust as is the sinful desire for someone, besides your spouse. I hadn't thought about lust for money before. I don't think I lust for money but it can be a dangerous spot for me.
Thanks for sharing...

dennis elrick

8 years ago

I certainly can relate to this struggle. For years I struggled with sexual lust and God told me I must get this under control. He used the fruits of the spirit which say self control. I began to put my body to the test and make it obey. Like Paul said when he would beat his body into submission. Then I learned that only God could remove certain things and I turned that over to him. The flesh will be a continual battle until the end, but I believe that He demands that we try all that we can to put God first and give glory to him as we struggle to overcome the lust of the flesh. In the end, I couldn't be a leader if God would not deliver me. He will give you the strength that you need if you go to Him in prayer and ask Him for it. God be with you all. We can be more then conquerors through Christ Jesus who strengthens us.


8 years ago

Great comment, Dennis. Thanks for sharing!


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