There is Still Nothing Good about Goodbye

Two years ago this week I wrote one of my most popular posts of all time, There is Nothing Good about Goodbye. In case you missed it, here is the link

For the record, nothing has changed. There is still nothing good about goodbye. It has happened again. Only this time it is heartbreak x 2.

On Friday we dropped off the oldest for another year at college. I’m thinking, “She’s a junior. Third times a charm. How hard can it be?” Stuff like that. And truthfully it was easier than it was the previous two years.

Then came Saturday. The day of the week I usually love so much. But this was no ordinary Saturday. This Saturday hurt - BAD. We dropped off Miss Next in Line at another University to begin her freshmen year.

This is no ordinary kid. Like her big sister, she is AMAZING. Intelligent, grounded, vibrant, talented, and ready.

As a parent, I am not sure you are ever ready? I can see now it was foolish to think it would get easier every time. It doesn’t!

So many conversations, games, vacations, ice cream cones, school plays, story times, kisses and hugs are all still here, even though she is not. The memory of each moment reminds me that loneliness is the price we pay for love.

While there is still nothing good about goodbye, there is a silver lining to my dark cloud . . . Fall Break.

This year it will be twice as sweet, because there will be two coming home.



What would be your best piece of advice to someone in college? I will make sure I forward the comments 🙂








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